November 8th, 9th or 10th 2019

Residents in the 3100 block of Helmsdale left for a long weekend and when they returned they found their house had been entered through a side window. The screen was removed and they think the window may have been unlocked. The house had been somewhat ransacked, but ironically only kid related items were taken i.e. a pair of Air Jordans, Under Armour clothing, etc while other more expensive items like jewelry were untouched. The police are investigating and think the burglars were young teens based on what was taken. The residents did not have an alarm or cameras but are considering adding additional security to their home.

Nov.11, 2019

In the early morning hours on November 11th we had an active burglar in the 1000 block of Chetford. Around 2:00am he rang 2 doorbells, apparently to see if the residents would answer. When both turned on lights and went to the door, nobody was there. An alert resident checked his outside cameras located by his back door and found footage of the burglar checking his rear door and windows to see if any were left unlocked.

On November 12th, we found out a home was burglarized 4 houses down from the one with the camera footage. The house is vacant so it was not discovered immediately. Due to the camera footage our alert resident shared with our private patrol officers, the burglar has been identified and arrest warrants are pending.