An unlocked car in the 1100 block of Chetford Dr. was entered between 10PM and midnight. The resident went to his car around 10PM to get something and thinks he forgot to lock it. Around 1:00AM he received a phone call from his credit card company about fraudulent activity on his card. He had also left his wallet in the console. As always, please be certain you always lock your vehicles and never leave anything of value in them. A police report was filed.


Residents in the 3200 block of Brighton Place had overnight guests for the weekend. The car was parked on the street and the resident told the guest to make sure it was locked. The car was locked but 2 bottles of bourbon were left on the seat. When the guests were loading their car to leave they discovered that the drivers side window had been smashed and the bourbon had been stolen. Please remember to not only lock your cars but make sure there is NOTHING of value visible. If possible, park in the driveway and leave outside garage lights on.


A car in the 3200 block of Darlington had a window smashed and a backpack containing a new laptop along with an expensive pair of boots were stolen. The car was parked on the street and was locked. In an effort to prevent losses of this nature, park in the garage , if possible or the driveway with the outside lights on and NEVER leave anything of value in your vehicles.